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Learning to Comp!

What a Real Winning Email Looks Like

With so much junk emails, how can you tell you really got a winner?  PrizeWinner shows you how!

Claiming A Win

A reminder that PrizeWinner is a prize directory website, we will never send you an SMS.

So many choices in prizes!

How choice is changing the way competitions are won!

Beware the Expired Competition!

PrizeWinners looks at how ruthless promoters try to catch out unsuspecting compers by leaving expired competitions and prize draws online. 

Dealing with unsolicited telephone calls

If online comping has led to you being bombarded with telemarketers, you must read this advice!

Competitions of Skill or Chance?

PrizeWinner looks at competitions of skill and chance to see which competition type give you better winning odds the prize!

Make Comping Your “Golden Ticket”

Comping is a great way to supplement your income.  Here are PrizeWinner’s top ten tips on how to get started on “turning Pro”. 

How to win – in 25 words or less

Only a truly unique answer will win a 25 words or less competition. But how do you write one?

The top five benefits of most form filling software

Five reasons to use automatic software to complete competition entry forms for you.

Comping Do’s and Dont’s

What to do, and what not to do, to be a winner of great free prizes!

Most Popular Prizes

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