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Ten creative ways to win in 25 words or less

May 28, 2014

So you have found a competition that asks for an answer in 25 words or less. You can do that! 
But read further and the judges want "creative and original" answers to be prize winners. What does that mean, you think?
Well that is where PrizeWinner can help you!
Creative means a standout - something unique and different that will light up the judges faces, and more importantly, have them remember your competition entry for all the right reasons.
Using your imagination and be inventive - that is the meaning of being creative when it comes to competition answers!
Try these ten creative ways to win in 25 words or less:
1. Create a fun diddle. Get your rhyme on, create a poem. Just keep it light and on point to get the judges attention.
2. Make the judges laugh. Tell a funny story, an amusing anecdote or make a joke about yourself. Add a bit of creative comedic relief to their day.
3. Avoid the tear jerker. The judges will see piles of these, so don't pile it on. This is not original.
4. Go for short and simple. If you can say it in ten words, don't fumble with space fillers to create a lumpy 25 word or less answer.
5. Make mention of the product or service the competition is all about.
6. Go for different. Unusual perspectives - the dog's, your newborn son - and your imagination can be a winning combination.
7. Don’t be afraid to try new things - you want to stand out after all.
8. Think of the most common answer, write it out, then don’t use it.
9. Be quirky. Write to entertain with wit and mischief. Tell a memorable story to get the prize judges awarding you the winner.
10. Be your own editor. Proofread for spelling and typos. And of course the context - did you answer the competition question?

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Writing Answers to 25 Words or Less Competition Questions is not always easy.  But PrizeWinner helps you out!

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