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Five Tips You Need to Know To Win Instagram Competitions

September 09, 2014

Instagram is a community based online forum; users connect by sharing visual content. For promoters, the benefits of running Australian competitions on this forum is that they create brand awareness while increasing their fan base.
As well as taking a photo, entrants must provide a hashtag, which is a unique (and specific) phrase line of without spaces, that commences with a “#” that describes the content.
To enter an competition using Instagram, promoters will normally provide hashtag required to be uploaded with your photo.
Instagram competitions are great because they allow for creativity and self-expression. However to ensure that you win the free stuff, review our top five tips on getting a win on Instagram.
Five Tips For Winning on Instagram
1. Like all competitions, be creative but still stay true to the theme of the competition. With visual content it can be easier to stray from the theme; don’t fall into this trap.
2. Check your hashtag spelling. Just one letter out of place and your entry will disappear in Instagram and not come up in the promoter’s search. This simple mistake will put you out of the running to win. 
3. This is social media - make sure you want your complete image shared. Edit your image with a detailed eye and check what is in the background and your surroundings.
4. Social sharing is sometimes part of the prize requirements; the more shares the better your odds of winning. If you don’t have mates on this form of social media you are probably out of luck even if yours is the best entry.
5. Don’t forget to complete the entire entry process as well as uploading your awesome photo. Check if there is also an online form for you to enter with your image.

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Learn how competitions on Instagram work, and how to use hashtags to win free prizes.

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