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Facebook Competitions - Six Quirks To Know And Win By (Part One)

July 30, 2014

PrizeWinner has already talked about why Facebook is a great a place to comp in our article Is Facebook the Best Place to Win Free Stuff? In this two part series, we delve into seven quirks of comping on Facebook, and explain a number of peculiar traits of Facebook comping to ensure you maximum your win.
Why the need to Like?
Many Facebook pages requires that you Like a page, which means becoming a fan, before certain information appears. When you like a page, the posts, or status updates, from that page will appear in your News Feed.
Sharp promoters usually hide their competition entry forms (made as what is known as applications within the Facebook page) for fans only. 
Many Australian competitions also have it as a term of entry that not only must you be a fan at the time you enter to win, but you must remain a fan of the page until after the competition is drawn. This not only boosts their fan base immediately, but hopefully you forget to Unlike the page at the end of the competition. The benefit for the brand? A long-term increase in popularity is visible by a jump in fan count.
Using AutoFill on Facebook
Just like with any online form, Facebook can autofill forms. Some promoters now include a box asking you to “Autofill With Facebook” on competition entry forms. While these may be easy to use, Autofill on Facebook is like that you may have set for yourself on your own computer. On your own system, can tell have told Autofill what you want to fill out, and what fields to leave blank. 
When it comes to Facebook’s Autofill, just be clear about information you giving away when you hit ‘”Yes”. If in doubt click on the “Review” button to see what personal info you will be handing over.
And remember, just like any other competition entry form, look for skip buttons - this means the info is not mandatory to the entry form. 
Sharing to win
Popularity rules on Facebook, and Likes, comments and sharing are reign. Promoters want their competition and posts to go viral (this means a post is really popular because it seen by a lot of people).
Some competitions require not only you enter using the Facebook application, but you also share the competition or a post on your Timeline (otherwise known as your Wall).
To share something such as a link or picture, simply click the share button below the post, and select to share on your Timeline. You can choose to share it with your entire Timeline (public, or just family or friends). This will create a post(and depending on the promoter’s settings you may be able to write an update).
For promoters, when their posts are shared this is great news because entrants are spreading the word of the competition. All the hard work is done for them!
While the requirement may be to just share on your Facebook Wall, it also could be that the major prize winner is chosen by the total shares, with each share equating to another entry in the prize draw. Some comps choose a top 5 or so, then select the overall winner this way. In those competitions, you are better to share on your news feed and making the share public for maximum results.
See Part 2 of this article for the other four quirks of Facebook competitions!

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