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Claiming A Win

July 31, 2012

PrizeWinner would like to remind its fans that we do not run the competitions we post in our prize directory, or directly promote any competitions.  

The role of PrizeWinner is to act only as an information website and list Australian competitions for you to enter.  We list competitions from many different promoters for your convenience and information (and, of course, so we can all have some fun!).  

If you have problems claiming a prize, or finalising an entry process for a competition, you should contact that competition promoter directly.

We have recently had some queries from people receiving SMS messages referring them to PrizeWinner to claim a prize.  However, because we do not personally run any of the competitions we list directly, we cannot help anyone with these queries.

Also, because PrizeWinner does not collect anyone’s telephone number we would never out SMS messages.  On sign up to our mailing list we only get the information we need from you to help you win – your email address.

Any SMS messages are coming directly from a competition promoter, and PrizeWinner is extremely frustrated at our inability to help those with that have come to us with their inquiry. We simply list too many competitions to know where to start!

However, we are concerned at the vagueness of the SMS messages, and that a promoter would direct winners to us. 

So with that in mind, we researched the latest scams in comping, and have some new articles “What a Real Winning Email Looks Like”, and  “More Tips on Savvy Comping”.  Check them out!

We want everyone to win lots of free stuff, so we would like to take this time to remind our valued visitors that PrizeWinner tries very hard to only post legitimate competitions from reputable sources. 

Please do let us know if you are having problems with a competition. We value your support of our website and welcome your feedback, so please contact us at any time.

And keep winning Australia!

Dealing with unsolicited telephone calls

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