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Beware the Expired Competition!

July 14, 2011

PrizeWinner has recently noticed an increase in the number of competitions and surveys. that remain available for people to enter, even though they have closed and winners have been drawn.

Of course, when you enter these competitions, they look quite valid, and still alive, but  you have no chance of winning.  However, on closer inspection, for example when you open the terms and conditions of entry, or even look at the copyright date on the webpage, you will see what you are really looking at it is rotting prize draw.

So why do promoters allow their competitions and surveys to remain online and available for entry long after they have been drawn?

Firstly, you could be looking at the work of a lazy promoter.  The promoter who just could not be bothered to take the old sweep down, or who has even forgotten the competition registration is still floating about in cyber space!

Otherwise, what you are seeing is the handy work of a ruthless promoter who is probably engaged in marketing or market research.  These competition promoters have nothing to lose by having expired surveys, prize draws and competitions available for the unsuspecting public to enter.

Here are three simple ways that you can ensure that you do not fall for this dirty trick:

1. Always read the terms and conditions to confirm the date that the competition closes.  PrizeWinner will always list this to you in our prize directory listing.  When you are finding prizes yourself on line, check out the competition closing date first.

2. If you find an expired prize or competition online, consider complaining about the promoter to your state Lottery Commission.  Remember, states like New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory almost always require a permit, so regular promoters are not going to want to get a bad rap.

3.  Go to your favourite prize forum and let everyone know about the lazy promoter.  Why not go to PrizeWinner's Facebook Page and share your dodgy find?  Reputation is everything, and a promoter with a bad rap is not going to like it. 

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