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Are you eligible to enter?

April 30, 2010

There is nothing worse than winning a prize and then finding out you are not eligible to claim it!  Of course, reading all the rules of entry and checking the terms and conditions of a prize before you enter is one sure way.

PrizeWinner has compiled a list of ten things that may stop a winner claiming their prize:

1. Is there an age limit on entering?  What age do you have to be to enter?  Are you within the correct age group for the competition?

2. Do you (or a family member) work for an affiliate company that makes you ineligible?

3. Are entries limited to residents of particular places?  Do you live in the appropriate state (and country) to enter the competition?

4. Do you have all identification needed to claim your prize?  For example an overseas holiday will require you to have a valid passport.

5. How often can you enter? Have you exceeded the entry limit?

6. How is the prize claimed? Will you be able to claim the prize?

7. Are there any costs associated with claiming the prize?  Can you afford to pay these or do these costs outweigh the cost of entry?

8. Does entry require you are member of a particular club or recipient of particular services?  Or, upon receipt of the prize, must you sign up for any services?  For example, winning a mobile phone from a telephone provider may come with a condition that you sign up to a twelve month plan with them?

9. Is the prize redeemable during a limited period?  For example, holidays, accommodation or theme park passes may not be redeemable during school holidays or may expire after a short period of time.

10. Is the prize transferable?  If not, you can’t give it to someone else, and must go yourself.  Again, this is more so with holidays, accommodation or theme park passes.  This, together with the redeemable dates, may mean a prize is not for you.

If you have followed our quick checklist, and tick all ten boxes to your satisfaction, then happy comping and good luck!

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